Orthopaedic Surgeon

Post Operative Icing

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Flex-Strap used with a Flex-Ice pack is the
simplest most effective way for your patients to apply Cryotherapy after surgery.

Flex-Strap takes just seconds to apply, greatly improving patient compliance.
Flex-Strap can be applied straight over the top of clothing with no messy/dripping ice to deal with.

Flex-Strap has a superior design to other cold application devices on the market because it is entirely made of elastic. This ensures strong uniform compression over the entire treatment area.

Flex-Strap is a multifunctional device able to be applied to any body part or size. The amount of compression can be easily adjusted by using the velcro straps

Flex-Strap is used by AFL, NRL and Australian Sporting Teams.

ortho low back

We can package a Flex-Strap Compression Wrap, Flex-Ice Gel Pack and Flex-Ice Gel Pack cover
together in one convienient shrink wrapped package.