Compression Wrap


To create a snug and comfortable fit wherever your body needs treatment apply a cold or hot Flex-Ice pack with a Flex-Strap. Providing professional therapy while maintaining comfort and mobility.

low back

Multifunctional - Treat any Body Part
Fully Adjustable Compression ideal for Post Operative Icing
Used by Hospitals, Orthopaedic Surgeons, AFL, NRL and Australian Sporting Teams

Quick and Simple Professional Therapy

Flex-Strap is a no fuss professional cryotherapy, heat and compression system. Flex-Strap allows you to apply a cold or hot Flex-Ice gel pack to any body part - simply, quickly and effectively. The body reacts to injury or surgery by initiating an inflammatory response. This increases the permeability of blood vessels, activates local pain receptors and attracts immune chemicals creating swelling. This excess of fluids separates healthy cells in the vicinity from their oxygen source. As a result many healthy cells die from secondary tissue damage called "hypoxic injury". Applying a Flex-Strap with a cold Flex-Ice gel pack prevents healthy tissue damage which means a faster and stronger recovery.

flexstrap application
low back application